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Logo usage guideline

"SOCAR" logo features flames. The flame is an enduring and important symbol of the cultural heritage of Azerbaijan.


The flame symbolises hope, progress and peace.


Blue, red and green – the colours of the Azerbaijan flag.

Logo formats

The SOCAR logo is available in different formats for print and online use.

Whenever possible, the vertical and horizontal versions should be used as four-color logos on black or white. The logo should only be used in black and white when printing restrictions do not allow for the use of colour.

Vertical version

This version is ideal for placement on vertical formats or in instances where the flame symbol should be in the foreground.

Horizontal version

The horizontal version of the logo features the flame symbol on the left side and is horizontally aligned with the lettering baseline. This standard version can be used for all communication media and the size is highly flexible with a view to placement and how the logo is used.


The vertical version of the flame symbol is 4 X and the horizontal version is 2 X. X is the vertical height of "A".

The width of the original sizes of all versions is 100mm.