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SOCAR’s activity is focused on providing strategic interest in the development of energy security, oil-gas, and petrochemical industry at the regional and international level, supporting the improvement of economic, scientific-technical, and intellectual potential, taking a decisive position in energy projects, and maximising profits from the sale of hydrocarbon resources and manufactured products in domestic and foreign markets.

Proceeding from these values, the company always strives to achieve stable and sustainable development, to obtain profit for the citizens of Azerbaijan, as well as for all legal entities in general.

Our goal in the QHSE is to carry out all operations of SOCAR without incidents, occupational diseases and accidents, without damage to the environment and assets to adapt management activities in operations that are aligned with the requirements of industry standards and to improve the value chain by integrating processes and procedures. In line with this, SOCAR has defined short, medium-long-term goals for 2022-2025.