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Final stage of selection

The final stage of SOCAR recruitment process is a job interview or practical exam, depending on the characteristics of the job vacancy. We organise the final stage of selection in order to verify the compatibility of candidate's technical knowledge and skills, and behavioural competencies are in compliance with the requirements of the vacancy, as well as with the Company’s corporate spirit and values.

Our interviews are conducted in a panel format with the participation of experts from the related field and HR department. Unlike the interview, in our practical exams, besides the theoretical knowledge of the candidate, we evaluate their technical skills through practical tasks on predefined tools, equipment or mechanisms according to the specification of the job.

We recommend the following to candidates who want to successfully pass the final selection stage at SOCAR:

  • Before applying for a job vacancy, carefully read the job description and make sure you clearly understood the job recruitments.
  • Collect comprehensive information about field of activity and performing projects of SOCAR or its enterprise or organisation you are applying.
  • Research competency based interviews in internet.
  • Be realistic about your knowledge and skills. Don't be afraid to be ambitious. Think about what you can achieve, your goals, and where you want to see yourself in a few years.
  • Pay attention to your clothing. A formal look makes a good first impression about you.
  • Bring all documents listed in the notification sent to your e-mail address to the interview or practical exam. Any missing documents may result in your being ineligible for participation in the job interview and/or exam.