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How can I learn more about SOCAR scholarship?

Currently, the company offers 2 programmes, which are updated annually and posted on the Company’s website, for financing the education in majors that SOCAR considers priority qualifications in production: these are Internal Scholarship Programme and Overseas Scholarship Programme.

  • Internal Scholarship Programme supports current students of local universities in Azerbaijan.
  • Overseas Scholarship Programme aims at providing educational assistance to SOCAR employees who want to study in major universities worldwide.

I am a student and what should I do to get an immersive internship at SOCAR?

Currently, the Company offers 2 programmes to contribute towards this goal: Free Industrial Internship Programme and Paid Industrial Internship Programme

Free Industrial Internship Programme is a competitive annual offer for students who receive education in majors that SOCAR considers priority qualifications in production. Applications are accepted from both individuals and educational institutions. Individuals may apply throughout the year; the duration of this internship is 2 (two) months. Students are requested to apply in writing. Applications should have the following attachments:

  • Official transcript (an official signed and stamped document that reflects the academic records of student, which is provided by an educational institution);
  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • A copy of a valid government-issued identification card.

How can I learn more about the Internal Scholarship Programme?

Internal Scholarship Programme is a competitive offer for current students of higher education institutions in Azerbaijan.

For more information about the programme and guidance in applying for participation in the competition and understanding its terms and conditions, please click here.

What are the eligibility criteria for participating in the Free Industrial Internship Programme of SOCAR?

According to the applicable regulations, candidates for the Free Industrial Internship Programme shall:

  • be a citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • not be in labour relations with another Employer during the internship period;
  • be majoring in the listed qualifications;
  • be a student of a higher education institution either in Azerbaijan or abroad, when applying for participation;
  • be in the 3rd or 4th year of studying towards a Bachelor’s degree or be studying in the Master’s degree programme.

On the transcript provided by the higher education institution cumulative GPA should be above 2.5 (above 70% in the other evaluation systems). No C (adequate) grade in the main qualification subjects.

The internship hours must not overlap with the class hours.

Which documents are required for applying to Training Centres?

Applications are submitted electronically and once approved the candidates must bring the following documents when visiting the Centre for an appointed interview:

  • identity card
  • document proofing the status of a internally displaced person (IDP) or refugee
  • military service record card
  • health certificate (Form No 86),
  • education certifications (for secondary technical training or vocational education)
  • X-ray fluorography

Which candidates can participate in competition for the Training Centre?

A candidate who wants to participate in the competition shall:

  • be a citizen of Azerbaijan;
  • be less than 29 years old before the start of education in the relevant period;
  • have senior secondary education (applications from graduates of higher education institutions shall not be accepted).

How can I apply for a job at SOCAR?

You should regularly visit the SOCAR’s official website to check the “Vacancies” in the Section of “Career opportunities” and, in case there are vacancies to match your qualifications and work experience, click the “Apply” button to participate in SOCAR recruitment process after you have read and understood the vacancy requirements. For more detailed information about the recruitment procedures please click here.

Can I apply for multiple job vacancies at the same time?

You can apply to only one of the pending job vacancies that match your qualifications and work experience in SOCAR website’s “Career” Section at a time. You will need to cancel your current job application, if you want to apply for another vacancy.

How can I check the status of my job application?

In line with the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Citizens’ Appeals”, your job application will be reviewed and you will receive an answer within the period set forth in the legislation.

I have already graduated from the Training, Education and Certification Department’s training centers and I want to know when I will receive a job offer.

Your candidacy will be reviewed when there is a job vacancy that matches your qualifications, in accordance with staffing requirements at SOCAR.

I worked for SOCAR before. What are the SOCAR’s re-employment requirements?

If your employment agreement with SOCAR was terminated, you can re-apply for a job by following the “Vacancies” Section on a regular basis and fill out the electronic application form in SOCAR official website. Please be advised that SOCAR reserves the right not to consider your candidacy if you received a compensation payment according to the agreement protocol with the Company upon terminating your employment contract.

I did not participate in the completion. However, I have received a job offer from SOCAR. Why?

You may have received a fake job offer. Please click here to learn more about the recruitment fraud that involves the offer of fake job opportunities at SOCAR.

According to the results of the job vacancy competition, I have been included in the SOCAR’s Personnel Database. What does it imply?

Based on the applicable recruitment procedure at SOCAR, the candidate(s) who score(s) less in the evaluation than the other promising candidate(s), but receive a positive feedback and passing score, will be included in the SOCAR’s Personnel Database. Candidates may be offered a job outside the competition-based recruitment, if a job vacancy with the same title and responsibilities opens within 1 (one) year. If it is not the case, the citizen’s candidacy will be removed from the Personnel Database and he / she will be accordingly notified via e-mail and / or short messaging service (SMS).

If I fail to succeed at any stage of the recruitment process, be that a job interview or a practical test, can I reapply?

According to the recruitment policy of SOCAR, a candidate has the right to re-apply for a job vacancy of the same title (type and responsibilities) or of the same or higher level only after 3 (three) months from the date of a job interview or examination of professional competence.

I have objection to the competition results. How can I apply for a re-examination of my competition results?

If you have questions and / or objections about any stage of the recruitment process, you can apply by writing to the head of the SOCAR’s Human Resources Department within 1 (one) month from the date the competition is over. Your results will be investigated and you will be officially informed according to the current recruitment policy of SOCAR.

I was invited to take part in the exam. However, I was not able to participate in view of certain circumstances. Is it possible to reschedule the examination?

According to the recruitment policy of SOCAR, it is not possible to reschedule the test or professional competence examinations or a job interview. Please note that if you fail to participate in a test examination / job interview, your candidacy will be terminated. You can try to participate again in a test examination / job interview for another vacancy.

Where can I get the information about the venue, date and time of the test and professional competence examinations / job interview?

Information about the stages of the recruitment process (test and professional competence examinations, job interview) is sent to the candidate’s e-mail address and mobile phone (SMS) no later than 3 (three) days before the examination / job interview date.

I have passed the test examination for the target job vacancy. When will I receive information about the next stage?

The next stage of recruitment process - professional competence examination / job interview is organized within 15 (fifteen) working days after the test examination results for the relevant job vacancy. However, this period may be extended due to the production necessity.

I have received an e-mail on the rejection of my documents due to a lack of experience in the target job vacancy. What should I do?

Before applying for a job vacancy, you need to read the job description and apply for vacancies that do not require work experience.

If my e-mail address or other information I have provided in my online application form is wrong, how can I correct it?

In case of any misinformation in your online application form, please inform us at within the period of the job vacancy announcement.

I am facing technical problems in completing the online application form. What should I do?

To learn how to complete an online application form, please click here. It is recommended to use the latest versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to submit your online application form. You have 30 minutes to complete the application form. The system will discard your information if you exceed the 30-minute limit to submit your online application form. If you still continue to have technical problems, please contact us at

Can I send my resume to SOCAR for a job opportunity even if there is no job vacancy announcement at SOCAR?

Employment at SOCAR is carried out only by completing an online application form in the Company’s website. Hardcopy applications or resumes sent by e-mail, fax, telegram, telephone and any other means of communication shall not be considered as a basis for your participation in recruitment.

Can foreign citizens apply for a job at SOCAR?

The labour activity of foreigners in the Republic of Azerbaijan is regulated according to the procedures set forth in the Migration Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, according to which the principal conditions for carrying out paid labour activities by foreigners in Azerbaijan shall include the availability of a job vacancy that cannot be occupied by a citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan who has the professional skills or qualifications required for such job and the inability of employment services to meet Employers’ needs in labour force at the cost of local labour resources.

How can I verify the Company’s receipt of my online application for a job vacancy?

After submitting your online application for a job vacancy you will receive an email acknowledging the receipt of your online application, which may take up to 48 hours. If you have not still received the email confirmation after 48 hours, you can check your Junk email or Spam email folders.

Also, please check that the email address you have provided was correct. If you are still experiencing an issue, please e-mail us at

I have failed to succeed in a job interview. Can I get information about successful interviewees?

Information about the results of the competition stage is treated confidential and can only be presented straight to the candidate in person.