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Corporate values, equal opportunities

SOCAR, as a company that understands deeply its corporate social responsibility (CSR), actively participates in the social life of our country and makes worthy contributions to important socio-economic projects.

Equal career development opportunities are provided to all employees, regardless of gender, race, religion, nationality or political views. As SOCAR attaches great importance to gender equality, it takes initiatives aimed at women's career advancement. The principles of justice and equality are important for SOCAR; therefore it continuously shows initiatives to youth employment and recruits people from vulnerable groups.


Training and Development

In order to support the personal development of employees, SOCAR regularly organises interactive and simulation trainings, seminars and webinars that strengthen team spirit. Vocational training at SOCAR is conducted on the basis of international standards. The use of the most modern equipment in the training centres allows acquiring modern knowledge and skills. The presented certificates are an opportunity to work in both local and foreign companies. Taking into account that acquiring new knowledge and skills at the workplace is important for the employee himself, regularly organized trainings have a positive effect on the personal development of employees.

SOCAR's Foreign Scholarship Programme, which has been successfully implemented since 2006, organises the education of talented and promising young people in advanced higher education institutions (universities) of foreign countries. The programme mainly serves to train personnel in the specialties that meet the needs of the oil industry. Our young and promising employees can contribute to the development of our country’s oil and gas industry with the innovative knowledge they have acquired at the expense of the company by receiving a master's degree in the world's prestigious higher education institutions.


Rewards and motivation

SOCAR, the country’s largest employer, implements a performance management system by linking the activities of its employees with the company’s strategic goals. Individual goals set for employees are evaluated and employees who reach the goal are intended to reward with additional payments in addition to salary.



SOCAR provides air, sea and land transportation services for our employees to get to their workplaces safely and comfortably. A shuttle service is organised to a close vicinity of employee’s residential area.



In order to ensure timely and healthy nutrition of employees, canteens operate in enterprises and serve food made from fresh products.


Medical insurance

The health of employees is of utmost importance for SOCAR; therefore its employees undergo initial and periodical medical check-ups and the Company ensures improving the medical services. Since 2012, SOCAR has provided staff with the Voluntary Health Insurance Programme, and employees can benefit from health services free of charge.

Since 2013, up to 15,000 retired oilmen registered with insurance at the Central Oilmen's Hospital receive both outpatient and hospital treatment according to the insurance program.


Social housing

In order to improve the social welfare of employees working in SOCAR’s departments and enterprises, they are provided with housing and land plots. The apartments built by "Neftchi" Housing and Construction Cooperative (HCC) are equipped with water, electricity and natural gas. Fully renovated apartments are provided with kitchen furniture, entrance furniture and gas stoves, a relaxation corner is created in the courtyard of the buildings, and the surroundings are beautified.

In order to comply with the principle of social justice, the records of employees assigned to the SOCAR housing queue are conducted in a centralized manner, and the allocation of housing is regulated by the date of registration. The cost of the apartments is paid partly by SOCAR, and the other part by the employee.


Trade Union

The Azerbaijan Oil and Gas Industry Workers Trade Union actively participate in strengthening the social protection of its employees, while meeting their social needs and improving working conditions and financial well-being. The Republican Committee of the Azerbaijan Oil and Gas Industry Workers Trade Union acts as one of the main parties in signing the Collective Agreement with SOCAR. This agreement regulates the employee’s working and rest time, wages, social security, labour protection, professional training and development, gender equality and youth employment.