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Career opportunities at SOCAR

Recruitment process

Recruitment at SOCAR is carried out through a competition-based selection, taking into account the requirements of the labour legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, in accordance with the Company’s relevant standards and other regulatory documents. The competition based selection process consists of 3 stages: the screening of applications, test exams (and/or evaluation by other means of verification and measurement methods ("case studies", open-type tasks, etc.)) and job interview or practical exam. We regularly announce vacant positions in enterprises and organisations of SOCAR in the Vacancies section of the website. We carry out the screening process of applicants in accordance with the qualification requirements stated in the job description. According to the results of the screening, we invite the candidates to the test exam, which is the next stage of the recruitment process. Candidates who successfully pass the test are invited to the final selection stage (interview or practical exam).

We send relevant notifications regarding all stages of the competition to the e-mail address and mobile phone listed in the candidate’s profile.